World Renowned Cloud Forest

This is the most famous Cloud Forest of this hemisphere, and one of the most visited and photographed. 

It has the largest most diverse range of orchids on the planet, with more than 500 species including 34 new species discovered here at Monteverde. It has more than 160 species of amphibians and reptiles, more than 430 species of birds, almost 50% of all the birds of Costa Rica, some of them migrants, including 10 species in high risk of extinction.

Regarding mammals Monteverde is house to almost 60 species of bats, half of the population of the entire country, 3 of the 4 monkey species that inhabit Costa Rica, 2 canines and the country’s 6 species of felines among many others. 

Monteverde is the perfect example of early efforts from the private sector towards conservation. In 1973 the Tropical Science Center had programs to create private preserves for research and biological education, which lead to the acquisition of 328 hectares, what is now the Private Reserve of Monteverde.

Year by year the numbers in increasing visitors raced from a few hundred in the late 70´s to 40,000 in the early 90´s, up to more than 70,000 in the present. This exponential increment of visitors influenced more farms and properties in town to shift towards conservation, imitating those early efforts and securing the visits of many from around the world.

For us at Sapoa Adventures Monteverde represents a place that we call home, where we have close family and where we grow as naturalists and guides. Monteverde is a place where we go back to enjoy nature, a symbol of never ending learning, a place where magic occurs.

After more than a decade of being present in the area gaining experience, we carefully selected 3 different activities that showcase the best of this magical place while making an effort to stray away from large crowds and big groups of visitors…


When sunlight fades away the forest is far from going to sleep. The spotlight in wildlife interaction shifts as darkness falls and nature’s after hours protagonists step into action. This activity explores the forest at night in the best hotspot of the area. 

Available Daily
Departure 6:30 PM
Length 2 hours hiking

This very special piece of land is geographically privileged. Bordering the Eternal Forest of Children (Bosque Eterno de los Niños) and the Monteverde Private Reserve, places it directly shares natural interaction with.

Representing their greatest treasure, its 40 hectares have been heritage of a rural family for over half a century. Recently opened to a select public, the farm presents one of the best options for bird watching.

Available Daily
Departure 6:00 AM
Length Half day

Carefully selected as the best location for animal interaction, this property holds over 80 hectares of protected land under the title of Refugio de Vida Silvestre (Wildlife Refuge) and belongs to the Arenal – Tempisque Conservation Area. Here you will have great chances of spotting wildlife supported by all the knowledge of our private local guides.

Available Daily
Departure 6:15 AM
Length Half day

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