Waterfall Trekking

Off The Beaten Path Hike

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Waterfall Trekking

Off The Beaten Path Hike

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8:00 AM

Departure Time

1/2 day


Visit one of Costa Rica’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Guanacaste Conservation Area

Founded in 1973, the Rincón de la Vieja National park extends 34000 acres of land, is home to the Rincón de la Vieja National Volcano, and protects both the montane Tropical Forest and the Dwarf Cloud Forest. The park is also part of one of Costa Rica’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Guanacaste Conservation Area.

Off The Beaten Path HIke

Our trekking experience starts at the ‘Las Pailas’ Sector of the Park, passes through segments of primary forest as well as open areas that are filled with breathtaking views and are great for spotting fauna. Experiencing the transition from Dry Forest to Rain Forest as you walk from one to the other is amazing, crossing grassy and rocky foothills and a little bit of the mist forest plus the gallery forest around the waterfalls. This hike is specially designed to experience the biodiversity of the area by walking through it. The hike will access 2 different waterfalls: La Cangreja and Escondida.

What to bring

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Hiking shoes
  • Repellent
  • Sunblock
  • Comfortable clothing including long pants, hat, camera, binoculars, raincoat (seasonal)
  • Optional: CR bird book


Not included in price. Please indicate in advance if required.

Duration of transportation will depend on your place of accommodation. Times can variate drastically.

who is this for?

Recommended for teenagers

Recommended for people in good physical condition

Important Information

This is a private experience, meaning your guide will give you full attention plus you won’t have to share the day with strangers.

To make things easy, follow the address link provided below to get to your destination using the Waze navigation app on your mobile device.

Location: Rincon De La Vieja National Park, Las Pailas Sector, drive there using Waze: https://waze.com/ul/hd1gm3c4hd


Upon arrival, your guide will quickly complete the check-in process and quickly illustrate on the terrain and area in general. Departing early will give us the advantage of more wildlife and less people. The idea is to be the first on the trail, to get to see as much as possible of the wildlife that inhabits this beautiful ecosystem.

Some of the many amazing sights can be bats, ant hills, monkeys, peccaries, and other small mammals, many birds, lizards, among others. Some of the the most amazing trees and plants, hiked over a couple small bridges, and up and down small hills. At some point, there is a very fast running medium sized stream that just disappeared down a cave into the ground!

Our guide will not only lead the path but also point and explain all about nature encounters, the different ecosystems and key information about trees, landscape, geology and weather. Bring water, you’ll need it! Also, bring something to snack on, as you’ll probably be hiking for at least 3 hours and about 4 kilometers round trip to access both waterfalls and be back at your starting point.

Driving Times

Check your Starting Point to find the Approx. Driving Time from your place of accommodation to your destination.
Starting Point Distance in Kilometers Distance in Miles Approx. Driving Time Road Conditions
Playa Hermosa 57.9 35.98 1:10 Pavement
Playas del Coco 60.2 37.4 1:14 Pavement
Playa Panamá 53.4 33.18 1:05 Pavement
Playa Ocotal 63.2 39.27 1:20 Pavement
Riu Guanacaste 65.6 40.76 1:20 Pavement
Las Catalinas 75.8 47.1 1:45 Pavement with some off-road
Playa Flamingo 98.2 61.02 1:49 Pavement with some off-road
Playa Grande 98.7 61.33 1:52 Pavement
Playa Tamarindo 102 63.38 2:00 Pavement
Playa Conchal 95.6 59.40 1:54 Pavement
Liberia 25.6 15.91 0:38 Pavement
Bagaces 54.9 34.11 1:05 Pavement
Cañas 73.2 45.42 1:10 Pavement
Santa Cruz 81.7 50.77 1:31 Pavement
Belen 63.5 39.46 1:13 Pavement
Filadelfia 58 36.04 1:09 Pavement
LIR International Airport 35.3 21.93 0:46 Pavement

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